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We are dedicated to bringing more fun to your online tour.With passion and energy, FunPlus has been one of the fastest-growing gaming companies in the world. Everyday, millions of people around the world play our games with their friends and family. We are deeply proud of this and motivated to create more fun games for everyone.

Our founding team consists of serial entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley veterans, and we already have a superb team. We believe only GREAT people make GREAT things. People are always the most valuable asset to us. Sounds exciting? Check out our opening positions right now!

Our Amazing Journey

We are so proud of the achievements we’ve made in the last 1.5 years. When looking back now, it was a wonderful memory in our lives, even though there were some sleepless nights and stressful days. We made it. The journey will never end and better things will show up at the next stop.

January 2012

3+ Million DAU in FB, “WOW” top1 in Asia gaming company

October 2010

Farming game launched in VZ network, Germany

May 2010

Fun+ was founded. Engine starts!

June 2011

Farming game launched in Facebook!

November 2011

Fun+ raised record-breaking funds in Series A round

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Fun+ is one of the fastest-growing social game company in the world. We are driven by exciting products and cutting-edge technology, and believe that GREAT person creates Great product!
With millions of players world-wide everyday, we’re just getting started.

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  • Ride the social/mobile wave - Don’t miss the world’s biggest opportunity!
  • A better way to work. – Agile, Professional, cross-function teams
  • Great benefits - We help you focus on what you like to do
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  • Focus on the user and maximize their satisfaction
  • Make a triple-win (Individuals, Team, Company)
  • Simplify the complex, scaling up the simpleness
  • Great is just not enough

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1999.10 Academie voor Journalistiek en Voorlichting

Operations Manager

Hi, I am Martin! I am from the Netherlands and I have always liked working in an international environment - Fun+ is the right place! It's a young company and very dynamic: in a few months, I've seen Fun+ grow beyond the capacity of the (old) office, and it's great not knowing exactly what the day will be like when you 'shangban' in the morning! It's awesome to be part of an energetic team that not only develops games, but also themselves! I've been working for Fun+ since Sep 2011, I hope there will be many, many more days work here


Operations Manager

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Diandian Interactive(Hong Kong)Limited


23 Harbour Rd,
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

  1. 负责社交游戏服务器的日常安装和配置,程序升级,项目上线布署和服务器变动等工作
  2. 社交游戏服务器及系统、网络状态的 7*24小时日常 监控和维护
  3. 具有高度责任心,负责服务器的突发性事件的快速响应和处理,能独立解决服务器和网络故障
  4. 配合客服以及研发人员沟通,查找和解决相关游戏问题
  5. 部份岗位需要参与 倒班 / 值班 工作
  1. 有 一年以上大规模网站或游戏 运维工作经验者优先
  2. 熟练Linux系统 的 命令 和各种应用 、 Nginx/LAMP 配置 和性能调优
  3. 熟练进行MySQL等主流数据安装、 SQL 使用、配置、备份
  4. 有shell/perl/js等脚本工具编程能力者优先
  5. 具有良好的沟通能力及团队合作精神和服务意识
  6. 有一定的英文技术文档阅读能力
  7. (在大规模系统架构方面、系统安全方面、 mysql设计优化方面能力突出者可聘为高级运维工程师 )


  1. 爱好游戏以及游戏开发
  2. 扎实的算法基础,熟悉C/C++; 熟悉图形算法及游戏算法优先
  3. 有cocos2d, cocos2dx, IOS, Android游戏开发经验优先


  1. 设计游戏功能,分析游戏数据
  2. 按照公司的管理模式和团队合作运营游戏,分析市场,用户,竞争对手,完善游戏
  3. 测试游戏,认真测试游戏细节
  1. 对细节敏感,能在细节上做的比别人更极致
  2. 很强的观察能力和分析能力
  3. 能高效安排自己的时间,很强的团队沟通和领导能力


  1. 负责公司海外游戏产品运营(主要市场为欧美、阿拉伯国家和日韩等地),并实施具体方案
  2. 有效安排协调游戏的接入和发布
  3. 跟踪游戏上线后的数据,并作出一定的分析
  4. 与海外合作方建立良好的沟通,保证信息的准确传达
  5. 针对全球市场环境,对海外游戏市场进行初步分析,参与海外市场拓展计划
  1. 熟悉webgame运营
  2. 可用英语自由交流
  3. 熟悉欧美、日韩、阿拉伯语系的市场


  1. 将英语版游戏本地化
  2. 运营所负责语言的游戏,包括游戏测试,论坛管理,Q&A
  3. 与产品经理一起优化游戏内容
  1. 母语为目标语言
  2. 在目标国家长期生活
  3. 喜欢社交游戏,熟悉facebook等社交网站平台;


  1. 根据产品策划进行游戏的UI、人物、物品、场景等设计和素材制作
  2. 配合flash程序前端进行素材的优化和修改
  3. 把握游戏整体美术风格,保持游戏整体风格统一
  1. 熟练使用Photoshop或Illustrator等图形设计软件
  2. 能使用Flash等动画制作软件制作动画
  3. 热爱游戏,有创意
  4. 有很强的学习能力和敬业精神,较好的沟通能力,有良好的团队合作精神及独立的工作能力,能适应高强度的工作